Concrete Awards

The Concrete, Monte Craven Architectural, Infrastructure, Residential, Landscaping and Technology Awards are made by the NZ Concrete Society as one means of:

  1. Celebrating excellence in the use of concrete, both within the industry and to the wider public audience;
  2. Recognising the contribution of those firms and individuals who have been involved in significant concrete projects;
  3. Increasing the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the use of concrete;
  4. Supporting the development and use of concrete in a manner which is appropriate to the natural and social environment and the needs of the Society.

The projects for the Awards do not necessarily have to be of large scale.  Providing they have that element of innovation and development with an excellence of construction and execution, they are eligible.  They may display any combination of talents to suit the project purpose and the environment.  Past winners have come from a wide range of submissions, from bridges to a ferrocement water tank.

The NZCS Concrete Awards will next be held in 2017.

For a sample guideline to the full rules and an entry form for the Concrete Awards, please click the link below for the 2015 brochure:



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